Brazil 2nd Country to Hit One Million Corona Cases

Brazil is the 2nd country of the globe to hit one million COVID-19 cases. 

According to the Ministry of Health, 5400 new corona cases along with 1500 deaths are reported.


Can Someone Who COVID-19 Spread the Illness to Others

The Health experts and media is putting the failure responsibility on President Jair Bolsonaro. At the earlier stage, the President declared that Corona is a “little flu” which will come to an end within a period of 2 weeks.

Corona Situation in Brazil

Confirmed Corona Cases in Brazil: 1.04 M

Number of Recovered Cases: 520 K

Death Cases Reported in Brazil: 49049 

Location Confirmed Recovered Deaths
State of São Paulo 178K 10,694
State of Rio de Janeiro 79,572 7,672
State of Ceará 76,748 4,861
State of Pará 69,179 4,191
State of Maranhão 59,850 1,467
State of Amazonas 56,506 2,492
State of Pernambuco 45,261 3,855
State of Bahia 36,401 1,105
State of Paraíba 28,013 633
State of Espírito Santo 26,441 1,054
Federal District 22,871 304
State of Alagoas 22,199 744
State of Minas Gerais 21,381 475
State of Amapá 16,512 324
State of Rio Grande do Sul 14,661 350
State of Rio Grande do Norte 14,171 534
State of Sergipe 13,968 330
State of Santa Catarina 13,360 195
State of Rondônia 11,865 324
State of Piauí 10,153 360
State of Acre 9,642 259


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