Can Mosquito Spread The COVID-19?

From an earlier time of COVID-19 (November 2019) till now, no data is available to suggest or prove that ticks or mosquito spread the COVID-19.

Can Mosquito Spread The Corona Virus
Can Mosquito Spread The Corona Virus

The research that has been made until now shows that the following are the sources to spread COVID-19.

  • People to People through respiratory droplets. If two or more persons are standing with a distance of fewer than 6 feet or 2 meters, while one of them is already infected from COVID-19, there are more chances of transmission of this virus. It spreads during talking, handshaking, cough, or sneeze.
  • From animal to people. It is noteworthy to mention that there are no criteria or sources to identify COVID-19 in animals. If an animal either pet or other animal is infected from COVID-19 and you physically touch that animal, the virus may be transmitted to you. That’s why care is the best solution to prevent you from COVID-19.

Bat is the first source transmission of COVID-19 to humans. The first case of COVID-19 that identified in Wuhan, China in November 2019, was transmitted from bat to human.

As for the concern of mosquito regarding the transmission of COVID-19, it didn’t evident that COVID-19 can be transmitted via mosquito or ticks.


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